Your wedding day is the consummation of your love story so far. It is a moment to celebrate the wonder of the experiences and emotions that have brought you together, and an occasion to rejoice in the promise you will make to one another to build a life together. The day you choose to say I Do is just one chapter, but it is a chance to gather with the people who mean the most to you both, honour your love, and create memories that will carry you through as your relationship deepens over time.

SENSI means that all of your senses… 
sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch… 
are engaged and heightened, imprinting the memory of your event forever.

Your Vision For A Perfect Day

Many couples, and brides especially, have a vision of the perfect wedding day. Perhaps it is a grand affair in a luxurious hotel ballroom with sparkling crystal champagne glasses and chandeliers dripping with blush pink florals. Perhaps it is a swanky nightclub scene, jazz quartet playing, cigar smoke billowing high; a throwback to the glamorous Hollywood galas of days gone by. Perhaps it is a rustic, outdoor, boho gathering set in an autumn-hued woodland with billowing natural linens and bouquets of wildflowers. Perhaps it is your dream to meet your beloved at the oceanside as the sun sets, magenta and orange, and the water laps at your bare toes.

Whatever your vision of the perfect wedding day, the challenge comes somewhere between the inspiration and the execution. Time, logistics, details, family expectations can all get in the way, derailing the romantic experience you thought wedding planning would be.

Passing the minutiae of planning a wedding to Sensi doesn’t mean you are giving up all of the fine details that will make your wedding completely you. We are experts at understanding your vision, bringing every detail to life, and capping it off with the most incredible touches that you didn’t even know you wanted.

Sensi Events is the key, the secret weapon to bridging the gap between your fantasy of the perfect day and the execution of an event that will completely encapsulate the story of your love and bring together all the most important people to revel in how far you have come and to celebrate your love and commitment as you begin the journey of your married life.

Why Sensi Events?

The benefit of choosing to partner with Sensi Events for any personal and corporate celebration is the passion we bring to every project. Our network of suppliers and vendors, our commitment to produce only the highest calibre events, and our delivery of distinctive, extraordinary parties is The Sensi Difference.


The Benefits Of A Wedding Planner

The weeks and months leading up to your wedding are an amazing time. You are basking in love and hope, and imagining a future with your betrothed. But a wedding is a complex event that can often take many months to plan and coordinate. And real life doesn’t stop just because you have fallen in love. The details of planning a big event can dominate your time and take away from the sweet moments anticipating the life to come with your chosen partner. Sensi Events is skillful at understanding the logistics, anticipating the challenges, and keeping on track and on-budget to deliver a completely immersive and bespoke event that tells the story of your love for each other.

The Sensi Difference

  • A proprietary process to understand your vision and your unique story
  • A comprehensive commitment to customs, traditions, and etiquette
  • Partnerships with the industry’s top vendors
  • An inspired and innovative approach to creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind events
  • Meticulous, planning, scheduling, and budgeting practices
  • Completely immersive, experiential wedding events
  • A guide every step of the way from engagement to honeymoon and beyond

Sensi provides the time, experience, connections and resources to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams so you can take a breath and revel in these days where your love is all-consuming and the promise of a life built together is all that matters.

Are You Newly Engaged?

Sensi Weddings bring the story of your love to life with a completely bespoke and unique celebration of your commitment to each other. Share your vision of the perfect wedding day, and we will manage every detail of planning and elevate your celebration with incredible touches you never even imagined.

Let us worry about the business of wedding planning so that you can focus on this special time when your love is what matters most. Call 1-780-271-8748 or fill out our online form.

Take A Breath And Enjoy Your Moment

The details and logistics of planning a wedding can overwhelm even the most enthusiastic brides and grooms. But many couples fear that passing off wedding planning will dilute their vision, make their event feel impersonal, and add unnecessary expenses. When you choose to partner with Sensi Events to execute the wedding vision of your dreams, you are promised attention to the details that will make your wedding uniquely you, a streamlined, meticulously planned event that will save you money, and the time and space to participate fully and enjoy this monumental chapter in your story of love. Tell us about the wedding of your dreams and let us help you elevate and execute your wedding vision. Contact us today.

What To Expect With Sensi

Our process is thoughtful and specific and designed to help us create the most customized hosting experience for you and the most experiential event for your guests. We call this The Sensi Difference. Here is what you can expect when you partner with Sensi for your personal or corporate event.

Getting To Know You

Getting To Know You

This is the most important step in our journey together. Using our specially designed and proprietary discovery process, we will uncover everything we need to know about you to make your event an absolute reflection of your tastes, your style, your guest list and your goals for the event. Whether your event is corporate or personal, it is our mission to understand what is important to you and to present thoughtful ideas to elevate your celebration. Getting to know you helps us create the most special and unforgettable guest experience.


Planning, Scheduling, Managing

Planning, Scheduling, Managing

Now that we have built rapport, we can define the project scope, scale, and timeline, and set the budget. During this phase we can explore your options for a venue, review the service vendors and suppliers, decide on catering, entertainment, decor, and secure resources that will keep your event on track. We will manage the progress of your event planning as the date approaches through close contact with vendors and strict adherence to budget and timelines.


What To Expect With Sensi


This is what we call The Big Show! This is the phase where all the careful planning and attention to detail come together and we go live. On the day of your event, Sensi will manage setup, logistics, staff and vendors, and timelines. We will be on top of everything ready to pivot and adjust as challenges arise. We will stay in control throughout your event ensuring your vision is executed and you are free to participate in and enjoy your own event.


And Beyond

And Beyond

Our responsibility to you as your event manager does not end when your final guests leave. We will coordinate and oversee all aspects of your event wrap including tear down, payment of outstanding invoices, coordination of your vendors, and more. And in the case of corporate events we will seek out feedback from your attendees identifying areas of improvement and ensuring event objectives were fulfilled.


What We Do

Sensi Events are bespoke, distinctive events that elevate the guest experience. With a passion for immersive, creative, experiential celebrations, our team will free up your time, streamline the process, optimize the budget, and ensure that guests know they have been part of something significant. From small and intimate affairs to luxurious and lavish galas, Sensi engages every sense to deliver outstanding events.


Wedding FAQs

Sensi Events can provide Day-Of Coordination services to couples so they can fully participate and enjoy their wedding day. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Venue management including setup and teardown
  • Timeline management
  • Vendor coordination
  • Assist guests and wedding party
  • Respond to any changes and challenges


We make sure to keep separate portfolios for every event that we produce. After each meeting, we will send meeting notes to all parties involved to document progress and outline next steps. We also have proprietary budgeting/planning templates that we include in your portfolio to meticulously track details and ensure all dollars are accounted for.

We can provide comprehensive planning services for your entire wedding including:

  • Engagement photos and celebrations
  • Pre-wedding events, rehearsal events, and post-wedding socials
  • Travel and accommodations for the wedding party and guests
  • Gift registries
  • Honeymoon accommodations, travel, and itinerary
  • Thank you notes
  • And more… every aspect of your wedding can be managed by Sensi Events


Elevate Your Events With Sensi

Elevate Your Events With Sensi

Sensi Events are completely bespoke, memorable events that reflect the goals of our clients and engage every guest who attends. Our experience and industry connection will streamline the process and save you time and money. Celebrate the important moments that make life grand by choosing Sensi Events.

Call 1-780-271-8748 or fill out our online form to connect with us today.


Sensiā€¦ Events That Delight All The Senses

Celebration is how we mark the passing of time, honour the milestones of life, and recognize accomplishments. Let Sensi elevate your celebrations with unique and unforgettable events that will impress your guests and create memories that last a lifetime.

Call 1-780-271-8748 or fill out our online form to connect with Sensi Events today.

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