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Corporate Event Planning is all about vision and execution. The most memorable events will leave attendees feeling as though they have participated in something worthwhile and significant. Guests at a corporate event will have forged new partnerships, strengthened teams, discovered a new product or service, participated in the community, celebrated a holiday, or recognized a victory. Successful corporate events will be impactful, on-brand, and will flow seamlessly, never losing sight of the end goal.

SENSI means that all of your senses… 
sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch… 
are engaged and heightened, imprinting the memory of your event forever.

Dynamic Corporate Events With A Purpose

There is a delicate balance to be considered when planning a corporate event. Although celebratory by nature, corporate events most often have a definitive objective. There is a purpose to gathering and targets to address within the context of the event. The challenge becomes to create an event that is engaging, efficient, effective, relevant, and still meaningful and memorable.

The Sensi Difference

  • A proprietary process to understand your vision and your event objectives
  • A commitment to understand your brand and your corporate policies and processes
  • A comprehensive understanding of your target audience and supporting promotional initiatives
  • Thoughtful, informed guest list curation
  • Valued partnerships with the industry’s best vendors that provide top quality goods and services and significant cost-savings
  • An inclusive model to engage all attendees from employees and corporate partners to guests
  • A passionate, inspired, and innovative approach to creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind events
  • Meticulous, planning, scheduling, and budgeting practices
  • Completely immersive, experiential events 
  • Trusted, competent event management to ensure your event is flawless
  • Guidance with transparency and clear communication from consultation to execution and beyond

Why Sensi Events?

The benefit of choosing to partner with Sensi Events for any personal and corporate celebration is the passion we bring to every project. Our network of suppliers and vendors, our commitment to produce only the highest calibre events, and our delivery of distinctive, extraordinary parties is The Sensi Difference.


Meaningful Events With Measurable Outcomes

Sensi Events is focused on your goals, branding, and budget to produce corporate events of all sizes. Our service model prioritizes the guest experience by creating engaging, informative, experiential events that will meet and exceed your expected outcomes. We are committed to building lasting and meaningful relationships with our corporate clients to gain an in-depth knowledge of their business, branding, and objectives provide completely bespoke events and curate an event reputation that supports your organization. Some of the events we can execute include:

  • Holiday, Anniversary, and Milestone Celebrations
  • Charity Galas and Fundraisers
  • Community Outreach Events
  • New Product or Service Launches
  • Influencer Events
  • Art Shows, Concerts, Book Launches, Festivals
  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Team Building Events
  • Executive Meetings
  • Investor Events

Our specialty is understanding our clients’ goals for every event, envisioning and planning an immersive, one-of-a-kind guest experience, skillful event marketing and promotion, flawless organization and execution, and meticulous adherence to budget to deliver elevated and memorable, meaningful corporate events. And our commitment does not end when the event draws to a close. We will partner with your organization for any follow-up requirements such as guest feedback and objective outcomes.

Are You Newly Engaged?

Sensi Weddings bring the story of your love to life with a completely bespoke and unique celebration of your commitment to each other. Share your vision of the perfect wedding day, and we will manage every detail of planning and elevate your celebration with incredible touches you never even imagined.

Let us worry about the business of wedding planning so that you can focus on this special time when your love is what matters most. Call 1-780-271-8748 or fill out our online form.

Make An Impact With A Sensi Event

Sensi Events delivers engaging, unique, memorable events that support your corporate objectives, fortify your business relationships, and elevate your brand. From our intensive and proprietary discovery process, through the visioning and planning phases, to the execution and successful realization of your corporate event, Sensi Events delivers skilled organization, thoughtful creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and strict adherence to budget and your corporate policy. Your events are guaranteed to be effective, productive, powerful, and memorable with the elevated touch of The Sensi Difference. Connect with us to partner on your next corporate event.

What To Expect With Sensi

Our process is thoughtful and specific and designed to help us create the most customized hosting experience for you and the most experiential event for your guests. We call this The Sensi Difference. Here is what you can expect when you partner with Sensi for your personal or corporate event.

Getting To Know You

Getting To Know You

This is the most important step in our journey together. Using our specially designed and proprietary discovery process, we will uncover everything we need to know about you to make your event an absolute reflection of your tastes, your style, your guest list and your goals for the event. Whether your event is corporate or personal, it is our mission to understand what is important to you and to present thoughtful ideas to elevate your celebration. Getting to know you helps us create the most special and unforgettable guest experience.


Planning, Scheduling, Managing

Planning, Scheduling, Managing

Now that we have built rapport, we can define the project scope, scale, and timeline, and set the budget. During this phase we can explore your options for a venue, review the service vendors and suppliers, decide on catering, entertainment, decor, and secure resources that will keep your event on track. We will manage the progress of your event planning as the date approaches through close contact with vendors and strict adherence to budget and timelines.


What To Expect With Sensi


This is what we call The Big Show! This is the phase where all the careful planning and attention to detail come together and we go live. On the day of your event, Sensi will manage setup, logistics, staff and vendors, and timelines. We will be on top of everything ready to pivot and adjust as challenges arise. We will stay in control throughout your event ensuring your vision is executed and you are free to participate in and enjoy your own event.


And Beyond

And Beyond

Our responsibility to you as your event manager does not end when your final guests leave. We will coordinate and oversee all aspects of your event wrap including tear down, payment of outstanding invoices, coordination of your vendors, and more. And in the case of corporate events we will seek out feedback from your attendees identifying areas of improvement and ensuring event objectives were fulfilled.


What We Do

Sensi Events are bespoke, distinctive events that elevate the guest experience. With a passion for immersive, creative, experiential celebrations, our team will free up your time, streamline the process, optimize the budget, and ensure that guests know they have been part of something significant. From small and intimate affairs to luxurious and lavish galas, Sensi engages every sense to deliver outstanding events.


Corporate Events FAQs

Absolutely! We love to bring our insight and expertise for planning luxury events to the members of your team who know your business inside out. Together we will execute a top-quality event that will support your event objectives and your brand.

We specialize in creating and producing all types of corporate events of all sizes. We are happy to guide you with ideas and strategies for in-house team-building events and annual meetings or with larger-scale promotional events like product launches, national conferences, or fundraising galas.

Most corporations cannot keep an experienced event planner as a full-time staff member. By partnering with a corporate event planner like Sensi Events, you can leverage our experience, our vendor connections, and our logistics know-how to plan elevated events as you need. And by streamlining your event planning process with a professional you will save money, free up your own staff to do what they do best, and focus on your role as event host without being weighed down with the details of planning your event.

Elevate Your Events With Sensi

Elevate Your Events With Sensi

Sensi Events are completely bespoke, memorable events that reflect the goals of our clients and engage every guest who attends. Our experience and industry connection will streamline the process and save you time and money. Celebrate the important moments that make life grand by choosing Sensi Events.

Call 1-780-271-8748 or fill out our online form to connect with us today.


Sensiā€¦ Events That Delight All The Senses

Celebration is how we mark the passing of time, honour the milestones of life, and recognize accomplishments. Let Sensi elevate your celebrations with unique and unforgettable events that will impress your guests and create memories that last a lifetime.

Call 1-780-271-8748 or fill out our online form to connect with Sensi Events today.

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